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Is Periscope Marketing Here For The Long Haul?

Technology is always evolving and constantly there are new inventions and innovations that change the way information is shared. Periscope mobile video live streaming app was launched about ten months ago and has already received a lot of praise from the business community. There are several reasons why it has become so popular, key among those being its ability to allow businesses to broadcast content in an easy and cost effective way. A question that a lot of people ask is whether it will stand the test […]

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Importance of Real Time Publishing on Periscope For Brands

The Periscope app is so fresh because it allows businesses to publish content in real time. There has been a new craze about real time publishing ever since the mobile video live streaming app was launched. In keeping up with the new marketing trends and appealing to new and unique demographics of customers, businesses have had to find ways to package their marketing contents in a manner that users will find helpful and highly refreshing. Real time video streaming on social media platforms has become the in-thing […]

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